Effective SEO Keyword Research And Analysis Techniques
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Keyword Research Analysis Tips


Keywords play the most important role when it comes to website optimization.
Search engines search for keywords or key phrases only in the web site when they search for the information for the net surfers.

As search Engines need just the most informative and useful sites for their visitors, they prefer the sites containing content with the highest priority of the keywords being searched.



Expert Keyword Research is the cornerstone to a successful SEO.

Many new website owners have a myth that Keyword Research and Analysis is a very simple task which can be performed with the help of free Keyword Research and Generator tools like Overture, Wordtracker, GoogleAdwords etc.

But in reality these tools can only give an approximate idea of what keywords can be searched relevant to a website like yours. But the actual keyword analysis can only be done by the person who has done analysis of the site keeping in mind the user’s perspective and potential customers.

Research Tools or a layman can just land up to basic research. Expert Keyword Research exposes so much more.


Find here 5 effective Keyword Research Analysis Tips for website optimization:


  • Use multiple – word phrases
    In spite of using more generic words try to use synonyms or “long tail” keywords. Research has shown that multi word phrases are capable of bringing more traffic to your site rather than highly competitive main keyword phrases. As long tail keywords plays a role of unique keyword for the site which increases the chance of bringing the site to the top. Less generic keywords or key phrases can bring a good amount of traffic to the site initially.


  • Research keywords specifically for each page
    Stuffing of surplus targeted keywords in the Meta tags and using the same Meta tag in every page of the site is a complete waste. Your keyword research needs to be page specific and only focusing on 2 to 5 keywords per page. It would be more effective according to the best SEO practices as it gives each site page a chance for higher ranking on its own.


  • Country specific Keyword Research
    Do not forget keyword search terms can be country specific. For different countries there are different keywords terms you must research and then reference that country’s search engine when doing your initial keyword research. For instance, UK and Australia may have different expressions, terminology and spellings. Referencing the country specific search engine can yield to a good amount of local traffic to your site.


  • Perform Effective Keyword Analysis
    • To evaluate the competitiveness of your keywords. Along with checking the competitiveness of your keywords you should look at the strength of the competition.
    • Are the other sites listed for your keywords truly your competitors?
    • If it is really the desired niche keyword for that page
    • Are the sites listed for your keyword even related to your industry, products or services?
  • Effective keyword research for your website should be accompanied with an effective analysis of those keywords in the search engines to check:


  • Ongoing Keyword Research


      Keyword Research and Analysis is not a home work of one day. It needs continuous efforts to be done upon to survive. Consistent modifications according to the emerging market changes are needed. Ongoing keyword research and modifications are the must for best SEO practices.


      All the search engine optimization process goes around the website overall impact and usefulness and obviously the content and the keywords that are going to be used for the optimization process decide the fortune. Therefore keyword research needs expertise and should be done under the supervision of experts.




By Jyoti Mali via Ezine

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