Factors to Consider in Keyword Selection For Search Engine Optimization
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Factors to Consider in Keyword Selection for Search Engine Optimization


One of the top free SEO tips for beginners is to know the Keyword Competition which is an evaluation of how difficult or challenging it is to rank. Competition varies on how well-known a particular term is in a particular place, country or industry.

In order to successfully find competitive terms, we have to consider first the factors in selecting the best ones. There can be many factors in selecting competitive keywords but I just listed the top 3 factors which I consider as the most important:

1) Type of Keywords


  • – this refers to how broad or specific your target words should be and thus you have to determine what type you should choose. These are referred to as the short-tail which is the general or broad and is usually composed of 1-2 word/s; and the long-tail which is the specific one as it is composed of 3 or more words.



In addition, the short-tail helps in bringing huge traffic as it is easier for most people to search for broad words or phrases. However, this leads to highly competitive sites thus, it will be more difficult for one site to rank in Google SERPs. Although after the recent penguin update, Matt Cutts, the leader of Google’s webspam team said that using words/phrases in the same format repeatedly no longer works. It will be instead treated as spam.


On the other hand, the long-tail is considered to be less competitive as it is infrequently searched for, but it can provide significant quality search volume, because people making long tail searches are often those who are willing and ready to buy. Most importantly, Google will not treat long-tail as spam, as long as you’ll use as many variations as you can.


2) Relevance to the target page


  • – this is the relevancy, connection or applicability of the certain keyword to the website’s page. Always determine that they are appropriate to the articles in your web page or to the page where it’s linked. People who visit your site and find out that what they’re looking for are not relevant to the content of your page will leave the website in milliseconds.


3) Global Monthly Search Volume


  • – this is an estimated monthly average search queries performed on Google and search networks for a period of 12 months. It includes traffic in all countries and languages. It may be best to choose the one with search volume that’s not too high nor too low.



Lastly, always remember to put the interest of your target audience as they are the most important factor beyond the factors listed above. Position yourself to the people who make the search queries, and try to think exactly like them.





By Karen O Bagnol Via Ezine

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Factors to Consider in Keyword Selection For Search Engine Optimization
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