Google Panda Latest Update
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Google Panda – An Update


I am surely not the only blogger who asks the question at every opportunity which is “how can I rank higher in Google” and if you are already high “how do you stay there”. I ask this question not only to myself but to Google itself. And you know what, Google is providing the answer. However to get the truth in detail you really need to read between the lines of what Google is telling you. This is what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) professionals do every day for their clients.

If you didn’t already know, Google has a blog it uses to communicate with its audience about what it is doing, going to do and in some cases have already done to their search engine technology. The tag line on the blog explains what it is all about, ” Insights from Googlers into our products, technology and the Google culture”. So it’s not just about discussion on search engine technology. This is understandable since Google Inc. is now a multinational company providing internet related services which span internet search, cloud computing, software and advertising technologies.

Search still remains the bread and butter for Google since revenue from AdWords brought in almost all of Google’s profits. Search technology whether on mobile or on more traditional apparatus is where future growth will come from for Google and other search providers such as Bing and Yahoo! It is therefore an area where GoogleInc. needs to concentrate its efforts the most.

Why Panda Is Important To Google

As Google consolidates its dominance in search, some estimating at over 90%, there is always a danger of complacency creeping in. Google’s own experience when it started in 2004 cannot be lost on them. At that time Yahoo! and MSN were the dominant search engines looking almost insurmountable for any upstart. However, in came Google with its revolutionary search algorithm and before either incumbent could find out what the word Google actually meant, they were playing second fiddle to the young upstart.

Google to their credit and perhaps also helped in part by the relative incompetence of others in the field, have increasingly consolidated their lead to where it is today. Perhaps there is someone somewhere working secretly to surpass Google at its own game just as Google did to others. Complacency in this game as Yahoo! and MSN found out to their costs should be kept at bay and then some.

Think of Google as a democratic parent ruling over intelligent but cheeky children. Up to the point where Google Panda search algorithm update took place recently, Google was consistent but gentle in its disciplining. But the children were getting increasingly unruly and constantly going over their bounds of discipline.

Google Goes Back For Those Struck By Panda Update

Google finally had enough and in 2011 brought out its “discipline cane” by unleashing Panda update. Some webmasters and bloggers complained that they were struck by Google’s wrath even though they had been following Google’s good practices. They started pointing at websites that they knew were stretching the rules but had got away with their higher rankings. At that time the result of the process was certainly controversial, but today Google continues to release softer Panda updates to catch those sites which slipped through the net after their first major update.

So, what could have prompted Google to release the update in the first place you may ask. The simplest answer is “quality of results”. According to Google, websites prior to the Panda update were ranking high even if they were unpalatable to human reading. Webmasters had found a way to please the search engine robots more than their human audience and got away with the higher rankings. Articles were often stuffed with keywords just for their own sake making blogs difficult to read smoothly. The sites were also messy because they were cluttered with adverts rendering the information difficult to locate for the reader.

Google, remembering its own coup all those years ago, does not want to be complacent and on the receiving end this time. The search business for it is just too important to neglect. It will therefore always strive to make it attractive for its users so that they keep coming back for more.

About Google And Relevance

Google states its aim clearly on its blog “Our goal is simple: to give people the most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible.” Two words stick out from this straight away, “most relevant” and “quickly”. Google will only display your site if it contained the most relevant information following a query from its user and only if your web host uploaded that information to the user within a time frame that is acceptable to Google.

Although Panda is one of more than 200 factors Google uses to rank websites in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP), it is perhaps one of the most important. The take away message for any webmaster or blogger from what Google is trying to achieve with the Panda update is quality content written for humans as opposed to what Google robot prefer (or perhaps did previously).

In summary therefor, to satisfy Panda you need to produce quality, relevant material on an uncluttered website that loads at a lightning speed.

Google of-course also issued a subsequent Penguin update which is mainly to do with links to a website.

To your SEO success with Google!



By Hanif Somani Via Ezine

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Google Panda Latest Update
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